Friday, April 12, 2019

Mesh Dishcloth

If you know one thing about me after reading my blog it might be that I make a lot of dishcloths!  You would be right - I certainly do!  I enjoy crafting practical things like blankets, hats, and scarves.  But my favorite thing to crochet is dishcloths.  I also like to use dishcloths to test new stitches or stitch combinations.

This pattern came from my mom's friend about twenty years ago.  I don't know what this stitch is called or who (if anyone!) to give credit for the design.  If you happen to know the stitch name please let me know.

The finished product has a bit of stretch and drapes nicely.  It's perfect for wiping counters.

Close up of the stitches
Cotton yarn
Crochet hook size G or H
Yarn needle

Chain = ch
Single Crochet = sc
Chain Space = ch-sp

Pattern: Mesh Dishcloth
Chain 28
Row 1: sc in the fourth ch from the hook, (ch 2, skip one ch, sc in next) repeat across row, turn.
Row 2: ch 3, sc in the first ch-sp, ch 2 (sc in next ch-sp, ch 2) repeat across row, sc in last ch-sp, turn.
Repeat row 2 until the desired size.

To increase or decrease the finished size, chain any even number.

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 Happy Stitching!
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